Bron’s Book Stack: October favourites

Hello! Happy November-early December! The year! It is flying! I had a wonderful October, which included a weekend reading getaway with friends!

We hired a house just out of Canberra for two nights and spend all our time reading, writing and talking about books – I highly recommend it! So, what have I been reading? Let me tell you about my favourite books from October below!

Adult fiction

This might be one of the biggest, most anticipated Aussie books of the year, and I think it is worth every bit of hype it gets!

Jane Harper’s The Lost Man was released in October and was my favourite adult book of the month. This one is a standalone crime novel – separate from her super popular Aaron Falk series –and you know, it might just be the best of her three books so far.

I don’t know how she does it, but Harper’s books just feel so authentic to me – the characters and their dialogue are spot on, the settings so perfect that I actually feel like I’m there. I flew through this – I just wanted to know what happened next, and the ending didn’t disappoint.

Young adult fiction

I’m not usually much of a ‘re-reader’ but I spent a lot of my October (and  November) reading time on a re-read of the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Maas. The seventh and final book in this YA fantasy series was released during October, and I decided to start from book one and read all the way through.

The books are definitely holding up well to being read over! There are so many little details I missed the first time around! While the series features a lot of popular/common tropes from YA – the general story line is sort of a ‘fierce’ young woman protagonist is leading the battle to save the world, and there is some magic and some dragon-y creatures – I feel like it does some things much better that similar series I’ve read.

I think body image is dealt with pretty well. There is an emphasis on strength, and the women in the series don’t spend their time worrying about their weight or what the men think of how they look (something I have come across disappointingly often in fantasy YA). Also, I really loved that the book talks about the protagonist having her period!

I think it’s so important to normalise talking about this sort of stuff, especially for young people! I’m up to book five in the series, which happens to be the first of the series that I haven’t already read, so I’m looking forward to finding out what happens next.

Picture book

I’m not sure whether I’ve mentioned it here already, but I am a massive fan of Maxine Beneba Clarke’s writing. I will literally buy and binge-read anything with her name on it! We have her first picture book The Patchwork Bike (illustrated by Van T Rudd) and I’ve been busting to get my hands on her new one since it was announced.

Wide Big World (illustrated by Isobel Knowles) is a gorgeous book about difference – how it’s everywhere in the world and how wonderful it is to be unique. I adore this book – I love an opportunity to talk to my daughter about how people are different and the same, and the artwork is absolutely divine.

So those were my October favourites! I’ll be back soon with my November favourites too! Now that we’re in December I’m moving into some serious Christmassy reading. I love a cheesy Christmassy romance and have a bunch of them on my TBR for the next few weeks.

Right now though I’m about a third of the way through Markus Zusak’s brand-new novel Bridge of Clay. It’s a great big book, with lots of feelings and kind of an interesting narrative style. It is definitely requiring a bit more focus than a lot of things I read, but I think I’m enjoying it! Happy reading and talk again soon!

Xo Bron