Chrissie Shaw in association with Parkinsons ACT – Singing for Parkinsons

Ainslie Arts Centre from Monday 1 April at 10am

Under the direction of talented and ebullient local musician Chrissie Shaw and Parkinsons ACT invites people with Parkinsons, their carers and supporters to a new singing experience. No singing or musical experience is necessary to join.

As well as being a buzz, singing is good for the lungs, the voice, and for building confidence. Chrissie invites you to have fun singing with others in a friendly and encouraging environment.

People who have lost speech can find their singing voice, and if you’ve been told you ‘can’t sing’, why not give it a go and disprove the lie!

For information or a personal chat please call Chrissie Shaw on 0407 079 748.

Listen to Barbie’s interview with Chrissie.