Innovative painting and dancing with Parkinson’s combined classes

Belconnen Arts Centre
Tuesdays 12 and 19 November 2019
From 2.15pm, all welcome

People with Parkinson’s, their family and carers are invited to attend an exciting and innovative ‘come and try’ session on either or both dates, incorporating dance and painting.

John Pratt and Philip Piggin at the first combined painting and dance classes for Parkinsons at Belconnen Arts Centre

With the Silver Lining exhibition now showing, it is an excellent time to see some of the beautiful and meaningful products of the Painting with Parkinson’s sessions.

Philip Piggin, and his Dance for Well Being team, Gretel Burgess, Jane Ingall, Jacqueline Simmonds and Debora di Centa, provide regular dance classes for ACT communities with Parkinson’s disease, Dementia, Multiple Sclerosis and other chronic conditions.

There is a growing body of medical evidence strongly validating the importance of exercise in the maintenance of our wellbeing – physically, cognitively and socially. Dance ticks all those boxes in one fun package, and with a strong underpinning philosophy of accessibility and arts for all, Belconnen Arts Centre is pioneering these programs in the ACT.

People with health challenges, plus family, carers and friends are very welcome to participate in the weekly classes, led by a team of inspiring and experienced dance tutors.

The Painting with Parkinson’s program was founded by Nancy Tingey OAM and has now been running in the ACT since 1994 with remarkable benefits for all concerned. There are six tutors working with the program including John Pratt, whose interview you can here on Living Arts Canberra at

Enquiries re the combined dance and painting sessions to Philip Piggin, email or phone BAC on (02) 6173 3300

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