Networks Australia – Tree Conversations: networking with the wood wide web

Until Sunday 3 May 2020
Wagga Wagga Art Gallery, Cnr Baylis and Morrow Streets Wagga

Are trees talking? Are we listening? 

Nineteen artists from Networks Australia invite you to take part in a conversation with our leafy companions through a diversity of mediums: Christine Appleby, Rachel Devlin, Wendy Dodd, Deborah Faeyrglenn, Karyn Fearnside, Susan Hey, Belinda Jessup, Dottie Le Sage, Ann McMahon, Jenny Manning, Bev Moxon, Sharon Peoples, Liz Perry, Marli Popple, Ola Robertson, Rozalie Sherwood, Nancy Tingey, Monique Van Nieuwland and Katherine White.

Barbie spoke to Canberra-based artist Ann McMahon about the exhibition

Throughout the exhibition the underlying message from the artists is a poetic call to action, plea to join the conversation of the trees, to recognise the importance trees have in the ecosystem of our planet and to value their existence as being vital to our own.

Above ground, tree canopies take in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen.  Trees send messages on the wind, dispersing their seeds and providing habitats for small creatures.  Their leafy boughs provide us with shade and shelter.  Below the ground, tree roots form symbiotic connections with fungal threads to transport water, food and sometimes disease.  Trees communicate via these means to share resources with other trees.

It turns out that trees care for and support their family and forest community members just as humans do.