Nicci Haynes – Peephole Cinema

A solo exhibition
ANCA Gallery, 1 Rosevear Place, Dickson ACT 2062
Until 27 September 2020

Peephole Cinema consists of grocery boxes mounted on tripods. Each box has a peephole, which provides an intimate viewing space for a single viewer.

Barbie spoke to Nicci Haynes at ANCA about Peephole Cinema

The peephole cinema brings together a diverse range of media displayed in miniature and presented as a series of short animated films. The peepholes reveal surprises – glimpses into other worlds, miniature performances, a series of sketches.

For Nicci the term ‘film’ rarely refers to film as such, but its format: an assembled sequence of images. Her quirky animations are constructed from drawings, objects, photographs and video footage and are made without following usual film conventions: they are very short, lack any plot and generally represent a stream of ideas or a set of processes.

Displaying these films as peepshows unlinks them from the expectations of filmgoers. Looking into the internal imaginative worlds inside the boxes suggests peering into the mind.

Image credit – Nicci Haynes, Peephole Cinema Art, 2018. Photo by MDP.